UC4 Gravel Boards

All timber used in contact with the ground or fresh water or in areas where there it is permanently wet should be treated to meet BS8417 to Use Class 4. Just because it is treated green or described as treated for longevity does not mean it is even suitable to be used outside.

UC4 Gravel Boards in Kent

We treat Kiln Dried Radiata Pine on a specific cycle with a higher-than-average chemical concentration to offer a 30-year desired service life BS8417 part 4. This requires full sapwood penetration, not just 6mm penetration as required by incised spruce.  Fixings and splitting in the timber may be greater than 6mm.
We normally hold in treated UC4 Radiata Pine for a 30-year desired service life the following gravel board sizes:

22 x 150   |    30 x 150  |      45 x 145

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To find out more about UC4 treatment and to read our FAQ’s on UC4 click here.

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Is your treated timber fit for purpose?
At Wingham Timber, we pressure treat on-site for Use Class 4. UC4 is for end uses where wood is in contact with or very close to the ground and frequently wet. Our UC4 treated products are suitable for ground contact and we offer a Desired Service Life of 30 Years.