UC4 Treated Sleepers

Are the garden sleepers you are buying described as pressure-treated for longevity? This does not mean it is suitable for sleepers and ground contact. We stock garden sleepers that are treated to Class UC4 meaning they are suitable for close ground contact and come with a 30 year desired service life!

UC4 Treated Sleepers in Kent

Our garden sleepers are treated to UC4 specification giving them a desired service life of 30 years. The UC4 process protects the wood against rotting and damp which makes our garden sleepers SUITABLE FOR GROUND CONTACT.

To find out more about UC4 treatment and to read our FAQs on UC4 click here.

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Is your treated timber fit for purpose?
At Wingham Timber, we pressure treat on-site for Use Class 4. UC4 is for end uses where wood is in contact with or very close to the ground and frequently wet. Our UC4 treated products are suitable for ground contact and we offer a Desired Service Life of 30 Years.
Size Length Treatment Desired Service Life
75 x 125 1.8m UC4 30 years
95 x 195 1.2m UC4 30 years
95 x 195 2.4m UC4 30 years
95 x 195 3.0m UC4 30 years
120 x 240 2.4m UC4 30 years